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HEADQUARTER FORMIKE ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Flats 401-403, 4/F, Block B,iPARK Building No. 26 DengLiang Rd., NanShan District,...
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Compared to last year, we have more rejoicing and excitement as well as new emotions this year.

    We strived forward  in the 2008. Under everyone's joint efforts, we gained higher honor, chived more achievements and 

owned more impressived memories.  In 2008, we uccessfully finished the annual goal which was fixed at the beginning of

 the year and realized the historic breakthrough.

    Although we lost some orders in 2009, it won't embarrass us. On the contrary, we paid more attention on each detail, 

service,and the quality of the commodities. We dare to face difficuties and challenges. So I'm sure that we'll have brighter


    Depsite all the great difficulties ahead, we determine to make efforts to overcome all of them from today on. Let us 

work together to making pioneering efforts and creating the brilliance together. I firmly believe that Our great business 

will win! Our great thought will win! Our excellent personnels will win.