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EELUCK is a brand, focuses on smart wearable business and smart home products.  There is based on 22 years experience proffessional factory for supplying the following products:

Smart wearable products:

- Smart watches;

- Smart bracelets;

Smart home sensor products:

- Door window sensor;

- Human motion sensor;

- Smart temperature humidity sensor;

- Multi-mode gateway;

Smart home switch products:

- Smart switch module;

- Smart scene Switch;

- Smart wifi wall light switch;

- Smart button;

Smart home remote control products:

- Smart IR Remote Control;

- Scene remote control;

Smart home plug and socket products:

- Smart Plug;

Custom solution:

- Custom smart home products solution;

- Custom smart wearable solution;

We provide a one-stop solution from concept to ID, structure, combination of hardware design, software, finished product assembly, and provide ODM and OEM services for smart wearable and home finished products to global customers.

Kindly contact us for datasheet and price details if you have any inquiry at the moment.

Smart Home Products