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Stretched Bar LCD Display 6.86 Inch 480x1280 Stretch Bar Type LCD Touch Screen Panel (KWH0686ST01-C01)

* KWH0686ST01-C01 is a Transmissive type color active matrix liquid crystal display (LCD).

* It is composed of a TFT LCD Display, driver IC, FPC, backlight, Capacitive Touch Panel.

* It is 480x1280 resolution Bar Type TFT LCD module.

* Backlight with different brightness options from 250 - 1500cd/m2 are available.

* Specific touch panel can be designed & customized.

* RoHS & REACH compliant.

* If you can't find a suitable one, contact us to get a recommendation.

Key Feature:

• Stretched bar LCD

• 6.86 inch 480x1280 TFT LCD display

• IPS display type & All viewing angle

• High brightness is up to 500cd/m2

• With 40pin 4 lane MIPI interface

• It's widely used for Stretched Bar LCD, Industrial, Home Appliance, Automotive Display, Outdoor High Brightness, Healthcare, Instruments & Meters and other bar type lcd display solution.

6.86 Inch