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Notification of Intellectual Property Infringement by Competitor

2020-11-20 14:16:32

Notification of intellectual property infringementby competitor


Dear customers:

After investigation, we found that two of our competitors misappropriation with malice on our product pictures directly use or in modified on the basis of our picture, assembly, recycle and for illegal AD network to promote or spread the pictures again, the infringement has caused a severe negative impact to us, our reputation and economic losses.

In this regard, our company has issued the Intellectual Property Infringement Complaint Letter to the two companies, warning them to stop all illegal theft of pictures immediately. If you find any other websites or advertisements or magazines besides FORMIKE that include but are not limited the following the same or similar pictures, please feel free to contact us at any time to work together for the maintenance of intellectual property creators' labor.

Thank you so much for your supports.


                                                                                Formike Group






对此, 我司已向该两公司发出《知识产权侵权投诉通知函》严正警告他们立即停止一切非法盗图行为。如果您在除了FORMIKE的任何其它网站或广告或杂志等发现有以下包括但不限的相同或类似的产品图片欢迎随时与我们联系,共同努力对智慧财产创造者劳动的维护。






: xxx Technology Co., LTD. andShenzhen xxx Electronics Co., Ltd.

地址:xxxx, xxx Industrial Center, Lixin South Road, Fuyong Town, Shenzhen, China and xxxx, xxx Technical Zone, Wan An Road, ShaJing Town, Bao An District, ShenZhen, GuangDong, China

  1.本公司 (以下简称本公司”) 为以下 以下图片的原创公司,此为我司的无形资产。

   2.本公司在此通知贵公司,本公司确认:xxx Technology Co., LTD. andShenzhen xxx Electronics Co., Ltd.的盗图行为侵犯了我公司上述知识产权。


 至2020年1119  (以下称投诉截止日”)

  xxx Technology Co., LTD. andShenzhen xxx Electronics Co., Ltd.的全部侵权信息明细为:







3. 贵公司的侵权行为已经对本公司造成了恶劣的负面影响和巨大的经济损失


4. 本公司在此诚意声明本通知及附件中所含陈述皆为真实有效的合法陈述,请贵公司收到本通知函后立即停止一切涉嫌侵权行为,立即下架所有盗用的我司的图片,包括但不限于网络, 杂志,广告,邮件等禁止一切修改、汇编、再利用及用于非法广告网络推广或者再传播该图片


5. 本公司保留通过法律手段(包括但不限于申请诉前禁令、提起诉讼、请求行政机关查处等)追究贵公司法律责任的权利。