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Notification of pricing adjustment

2021-03-08 15:44:56

SUB: Notification of pricing adjustment

Dear customer:

Due to the increase in raw materials costs most LCD raw materials have risen since the last quarter of 2020. This situation has not improved, and prices are still rising after the Spring

Festival of 2021, especially IC and ITO glass have experienced multiple rounds of price

increases due to the increasing demand and the insufficient production capacity of wafer,

ITO glass, international copper and the upstream materials (such as petroleum and plastic

pellets) price has risen by 10%50%.

Affected by the increasing raw materials, labor cost and other costs, kindly note that we will

have to recalculate and adjust the product price based on current raw materials cost when

you place the new order. We will make every effect to maintain the original price if it is still

workable. When the raw material price decrease in the future, the product price will be

adjusted back accordingly.

We would very much appreciate your kind understanding and thanks again for your continual


Best regards!

Formike Electronic Co., Ltd.


Notification of price adjustment .pdf